Eco vs Ego

Grenoble Street Art Fest 2020
 “Everywhere, everyday, our future depends on it”. Grenoble is a city surrounded by mountains, capital city of the French Alps. In 2014 the town council decided to suppress billboards and strictly regulate advertising in the public space. According to them “the information that advertising delivers is not useful for the citizens, it does not support local business and moreover attacks young people with images that reflect a society model that is catastrophic ”. The environment is also critically damaged because of consumerism. This step was a way of putting common wellbeing before personal craving and convenience. But advertising does not disappear, it infiltrates everywhere, like now our mobile phones. So this is an internal battle that we all have to face. We are all victims of advertising and executioners for Nature. 
Created on July 14, 2020
1 Pl. Doyen Gosse, 38000 Grenoble, Frankrijk

Hunted by Stefaan Tanghe. Pictures by Stefaan Tanghe: https://www.instagram.com/ostendnomadography.

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