Odysseus' quest " new mural commissioned by the municipality of Igoumenitsa.

This work is inspired by the natural inviroment of the lake with the water lilies in Kalodiki Thesprotia area and the legendary Odysseus.

According to the Myth of Tilegony Odysseus after coming back to Ithaka and killing the suitors of Penelopy ,had to leave his home again after the relatives of the suitors were seeking vengeance.

Odysseus went to Adis to consult the oracle and his was told that his quest will end when he reaches a place that people will not recognise the paddle he will curry with him.That place was today's Thesprotia area. 
Created on June 17, 2023
Souliou 4, Igoumenitsa 461 00, Griekenland
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by George Malamidis.

Marker details

Commissionedcity municipality
Artwork typeMural
Artist nationalityGreece
Date created2023-06-17T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork