This beautiful mural was made by LADY PINK with the support of MATT O’CONNOR, MATHIZ  SKILLZ and EMMITA WILLE aka SUKA STREETART as part of the V FESTIVAL OF URBAN CULTURES held by the ALIANZA FRANCESA DE CUENCA. This mural, named “The Lady of the Leaves” is already emblematic because it is the first time that the great artist LADY PINK, considered one of the pioneers of graffiti, came to Cuenca.


She grew up in Queens, and began her career making graffiti in 1979 following the loss of her boyfriend who had been sent to live in Puerto Rico after being arrested. She exorcised her pain by labeling her boyfriend's name throughout the city. Shortly after, he began to label the name of Pink Lady, derived from his love for historical romances, England, the Victorian era, and the aristocracy. Lady Pink studied at the School of Art and Design in Manhattan. While studying there, she was introduced to graffiti and began writing from the age of fifteen.1In a few years LADY PINK began to run with the gangs of TC5 (The Cool 5) and TPA (The Animals Públicas). Lady Pink painted subway trains in the years 1979 to 1985.


Born in Ecuador and raised in New York, Sandra Fabara stands out in a world dominated by men and in which she has managed to succeed with powerful works now exhibited in Miami

Sandra Fabara, better known as Lady Pink, is considered the "first lady of graffiti," a world dominated by men in which she has managed to succeed with powerful works such as those shown in a solo exhibition in Miami, in which she pays tribute to her mentors who supported the feminist movement.


Created on November 24, 2023
Calle Larga 599, Cuenca, Ecuador
Hunted by Al B. Fein.

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Camera usedApple iPhone 12 Pro
Marker typeartwork