Underwater world

The municipality of Voorst was looking for a creative way to make the cycle tunnel near Twello blend into its surroundings. They were looking for a design with colour, space for nature, and a connection to the history of this place. Because this municipality is special. Voorst is the green oasis between three (medium-sized) cities. This spot once formed the natural border between all these areas. After all, the river IJssel flowed here for centuries. It is now no more than a ditch, but this 'Oude IJssel' is still the official border between the Gelderland and Overijssel provinces, which inspired Deventer artist Margot Olde Loohuis to create the mural 'underwater world'. With this mural, Margot takes you underwater in the old IJssel River. Cycle under the water's surface, see the waterlilies and enjoy this innovative perspective, the alienation and wonder it creates. An ode to the place, the history and the water that brought so much to this area.

Margot Olde Loohuis - http://www.margotoldeloohuis.nl/
Graduated in 1997 from the CHK Constantijn Huygens in Kampen. (Now ArtEZ Zwolle). Since 1998 she lives and works in Deventer. As a child I loved to draw and paint. In essence, little has changed. Painting gives me a sense of adventure, I enter another world, another feeling and I want to convey that through my paintings. The process and the end result are part of that, but the discovery is the most important element. Since 2007 she mainly paint water in all its aspects. She like the character that is always mobile, reflects, is transparent and refracts the light. And when viewed from below the surface of the water, even more emerged. In recent years, this innovative perspective, showing an often invisible underwater world, the alienation and wonder it engenders, has become an almost philosophical source of inspiration.

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Created on September 29, 2022
Hovenpad, 7391 HP Twello, Nederland

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