Tun Cutum PÁ

Puerto Rican artist David ‘Don Rimx’ Sepulveda is a classically trained fine artist, graffitist, grand scale muralist, and new school tattoo artist. His unique style can be traced back to his time at Escuela de Artes Plasticas where he dedicated himself to incorporating the various techniques of classic art into urban art, with a specialization in murals. Upon moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2009, Rimx began experimenting with the synthesis of man and his surroundings, incorporating both natural and urban elements in a mosaic-like fashion to comprise the form of a human or animal. He also pulls imagery from his Puerto Rican heritage, using his art to represent his native Taino background. 

His piece in Holyoke is the completion of a paired set, rooted in a mural of musician Jesus Cepeda Brenes, painted in San Patricio Plaza in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. While this drummer creates his familiar rhythm on the main island, the people of Holyoke dance to his beat in a provocative stunning composition that explores culture, beauty, and connection. But for Rimx, the piece is what the viewers make of it.

Beyond Walls

Created on March 3, 2024
147 High St, Holyoke, MA 01040, USA
Hunted by Philip Fagan.

Marker details

PhotographerTost Films
Camera usedCanon EOS R6
Video Linkhttps://vimeo.com/790128216
OrganizationBeyond Walls
Marker typeartwork