In order to open up artistic and cultural values ​​to a broader public, to bring them closer to young people in particular and transport historical works of art into the future by means of urban art, Dr. Hans Riegel-Foundation has launched art project series "Walls of Vision".
Essen based artists Jan Schoch aka EIKE & COSI have chosen and reinterpreted the famous historic artwork of Alphonse Mucha " Die vier Jahreszeiten", which was realized at Weiglestraße just below A40  highway underpass. 

Summer: Portrait "Pepper"

A freedom fighter from Hong Kong who calls herself Pepper and demonstrated with hundreds of thousands of others in 2019 against the "Extradition Law", which was intended to massively restrict Hong Kong's autonomy from China and undermine democratic freedom through the Chinese power apparatus. Despite the mass protests, the law, which was criticised by large parts of the world, was passed. Thousands of protesters have been imprisoned in China or are now living in exile like "Pepper". As Pepper remains anonymous in the relevant documentaries and can only be seen wearing a mask, she is portrayed from behind. In this way, she is also representative of all freedom fighters who must remain anonymous due to their activism.

Created on September 29, 2023
Weiglestraße 39, 45128 Essen, Deutschland
Hunted by Andrea Ranke.
Pictures by Andrea Ranke (09/2023), Andrea Ranke (07/2023).

Marker details

Camera usedLEICA CAMERA AG V-Lux 5
Date created2023-09-29T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork