Frei Sein" Gartenstr. 17, Goch (Netto Parkplatz) by @littlelill.y , @zier_87 and @liam_d.c were created in the wake of the Goch history meets Streetart Festival last year organized by Benjamin Taag and the Heimatverein Goch e.V. #ghmsfestival

Free as a bird, that's what we all wish for, the artists naturally have a little more freedom than the average citizen.

A blue and a bee-eater crown the work.

Do you think the wind is blowing
Because someone says, wind, blow now
Do you believe that the stars that are in the sky
Glow because someone turns them on Do you believe that
Do you think the elements do what they are supposed to do
And not what they want Do you believe that Do you believe that
If you believe that, you will never see
And understand what I mean when I say'

Created on July 3, 2022
Gartenstraße 17, 47574 Goch, Deutschland

Marker details

Camera usedPanasonic DMC-TZ31
Marker typeartwork