Created for Jidar festival 2022.

It is said that our shadow is the only thing that doesn’t change.. It is just there reminding you that you exist and that you belong somewhere at some point.
If you are on a road without landmarks, what will you carry with you? Will you think of defending yourself in any case, or will you try to explore the place, or will you try to create memories?

Why did she choose a mask? I think she may want to hide at some point but why the rabbit? maybe she wants to change or hide quickly! But she seems very calm and indifferent to enthusiasm, she seems immersed in her world..
The clock bears time with difficulty, time will fall at any moment..

Indifference is the greatest resistance to the worst defeat..

Where do you belong? You, me and we? what are the parameters of our existence, and if the landmarks did not exist, what would we be? A mirage? I don't know the answer.

Created on August 23, 2022
X38W+WV8, Av. Al Fath, Rabat, Marokko

Hunted by Tim.

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