"Taubenhaus Königsschlag" corner Carl-Wilhelm-Str./Königstr. Krefeld #krefeld by Birk Hoffmann, Benjamin Freitag and Ulrike Busch from Krefeld were created as part of the campaign KastenArt #kastenart organized by the city marketing of the city of Krefeld.
This work also serves as an example of the design variant 2 : Aesthetic or thematic embedding in the streetscape.

If you look up at the former building of the residence, you will see a dovecote! Thanks to the association Stadttauben Krefeld e. V. Stadttauben Krefeld e.V., founded in 2019, this loft could be built as a home for the pigeons.
The animals get healthy food here and the population can also be controlled here.
I already knew something similar from other cities and am pleased that this has now also been implemented in Krefeld. 
As one hears, a second blow is already being planned.
For more info, here is an interesting link : https://youtu.be/H9_Oz2xJt3c
Created on May 19, 2022
Carl-Wilhelm-Straße 9, 47798 Krefeld, Deutschland