Mythology and technology connected in this mural, loaded with symbolism, made by the Fuenlabrada artist Manuel J. Hernandez Miguel, better known as Morse.

In it, Bacchus, the Roman god of agriculture and fertility, who is usually represented with a glass of wine in his hand, holds a mobile phone. The glass of wine that allowed the ancient Romans to disconnect from the normal state of consciousness according to mythical allegory, is now replaced by the disconnection from reality that we have with a mobile phone in our hand. A “like” turns us into gods of our individual world. Dependencies that keep changing through history. Art and reflection in Fuenlabrada.

Created on November 27, 2023
C/ de Extremadura, 46, 28944 Fuenlabrada, Madrid, España
Hunted by Henar Sanz.
Pictures by Henar Sanz.

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone 13 Pro
Marker typeartwork