"Scledum" was created by ACME 107 on the west wall of the Faber Box in Schio (Vi), Italy. A mural, almost sixteen meters wide and twenty meters high, which represents the most evocative and significant images of the area starting from Alessandro Rossi, the Fabbrica Alta and the Jacquard Garden. Images that are joined by other more "current" symbols of the city such as the spaces of the Faber Box and by images of the hilly landscape that surrounds this public structure dedicated to young people.
«This drawing merges the history of yesterday with that of today represented by the Faber Box, an innovative space for study and leisure where young people meet and where they have the chance to develope new opportunities for the future» explains ACME 107 in the description of his work where you can also notice some boxes which, as they roll, represent the positive ferment of ideas coming from the Faber Box. 

Created on January 9, 2024
Viale Tito Livio, 23-25, 36015 Schio VI, Italy
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Camera usedGoogle Pixel 6a
Marker typeartwork