'Reflections' is my mural participation in Baladk Street Fest 2018, Amman, Jordan. In this artwork, a message unfolds through the image of a woman holding a mirror to her soul. In a world obsessed with surface-level looks, where women are pressured to invest significant time and energy towards their physical appearance to be accented in social life & career, the mural challenges this notion, revealing that our true 'reflection' lies within - our souls, thoughts, and values. As the woman peers into the mirror, she discovers a profound revelation; instead of her physical appearance, vibrant stripes of colors dance in the mirror. These colors symbolize her boundless creativity and beautiful mind, emphasizing that our true essence lies in our intellectual depth and inner virtues. This mural urges us to prioritize self-discovery, knowledge, and personal growth over societal pressures.' Reflections inspire us to embrace the beauty within ourselves.

Created on November 1, 2023
Al Hashmi Al Shamali, Amman, Jordan
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Camera usedApple iPhone 8 Plus
Marker typeartwork