Vita nova

In July 2022, Ericailcane painted a huge mural in via Schiavazzi, Sant’Elia neighborhood, in front of Parco degli Anelli. The mural called "Vita nova" has been realized for Cagliari Urbanfest - Generazioni Metropolitane. On the right side of the wall, a big cat plays stuffed made of city buildings while a little bird takes a look with a bomb in his beak. On the left side, a mouse reads a newspaper and another one dances under a nettle, a plant with benefic and valuable properties. The scene is a symbol of rebirth and regeneration, despite the intrusive human actions. The tones of blue, azure and green reflect the surrounding environment: all the shades of a sea which embrace Sant’Elia’s shoreline.
Created on April 21, 2023
Via Piero Schiavazzi, 79, 09126 Cagliari CA, Italia
Hunted by Cagliari Urbanfest - Associazione culturale Asteras.
Pictures by Massimiliano Frau, Mirco Pusceddu.

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