Whanganui Walls Street Art and Music Festival returned in 2021 with seven of NZ’s most prominent street artists transforming the town into an open-air gallery. Artists included: Milarky, Dan Mills, Swiftmantis, Flox, Mica Still, Charles & Janine Williams, Mike Marsh. 

So, while Milarky had many reasons for this work and has a lot to say on many grades within it, he won’t. 

“The meaning you find in it is the correct one, and the importance of its meaning is only important if it is to you.. this wall is for the people who see it, let it deliver what, or what not, you need it to deliver.  

“…a visual artist’s statement often weakens or contracts the arrival of a work to a public-space audience, being the artist’s choice and use of the medium is imagery, not wordsmithery. With-holding a creator’s description places allowance in the delivery of meaning within the visual to land in varied realms, so it can then lean responsively on the direct viewers, on their own encounter’ance of the work, and in their personal understanding and place in time.” 
Created on July 29, 2023
89 Ridgway Street, Whanganui 4500, New Zealand
Hunted by Keren Harris.
Pictures by Keren Harris.

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Camera usedSamsung SM-G991B
Marker typeartwork
CountryNew Zealand