Between October and November 2022, Barcelona based artistic center B-Murals curated and produced Osona Artimur Festival, a never been done initiative of the Department of Tourism of Osona (an idyllic region up north BCN full of rivers, mountains and beautiful landscapes), in collaboration with the Catalan company Transit Projectes.

19 well renowned artists from the international muralism scene, the Spanish contemporary art world and some local guns selected through open calls and participatory processes, intervened the streets and the public space of 5 different villages - Prats de Lluçanès, Manlleu, Sant Julià de Vilatorta, Sant Bartomeu del Grau and Alpens -, supported by an extensive production team which included assistants, runners, photographers and filmers.
More info on https://osonaturisme.cat/artimur/

Sergi Bastida is one of the 3 local artists selected by open call to paint the walls of Prats de Lluçanès.
The mural is a representation and criticism of the horse culture and animal abuse.
You can see 3 horses represented gradually from the healthiest to a horse with a curved back or equine ordosis. The third horse represents a common consequence of the mounting of horses, which for various reasons are mounted too early, with excess weight or overexploitation of time.

The artist is dedicating this mural to the Fundacio Miranda for the great work they do for horses and other animals.

Sergi Bastida es uno de los 3 artistas locales seleccionados por convocatoria abierta para pintar las paredes de Prats de Lluçanès.
El mural es una representación y crítica a la cultura del caballo y al maltrato animal.
Se pueden ver 3 caballos representados gradualmente del más sano hasta llegar a un caballo con la espalda curvada o ordosis equina. El tercer caballo representa una consecuencia habitual del montaje de caballos, que por varios motivos se montan demasiado temprano, con exceso peso o por sobre explotación del tiempo.

El artistadedica este mural a la Fundacio Miranda por la gran labor que hacen a los caballos entre otros animales. 
Created on November 3, 2022
Carrer Major, 41, 08513 Prats de Lluçanès, Barcelona, Spanje

Hunted by Tim. Pictures by Fer Alcala.