Rip Gino "Nooje" Vangheluwe

Rip Gino "Nooje" Vangheluwe 
Mural to celebrate the life of Nooje who suddenly past away almost a year ago. Special thanks to his sister Wendy and brothers Teddy and Peter for commissioning me with this emotional challenge. Thanks Silke for making this possible! What a week it has been 🖤 Spraycans on concrete wall. Location corner Constant Permekelaan and Waterwerkstraat
Created on June 6, 2023
Waterwerkstraat 35, 8400 Oostende, België
Hunted by Stef.
Pictures by Picture provided by the artist Siegfried Vynck.

Marker details

Artist nationalityBelgium
Artwork typeMural
Date created2023-06-06T22:00:00.000Z
KeywordsBest of Belgium 2023
Marker typeartwork