Interrupted lifes

The street art work is inspired by an authentic interwar photograph taken in Kačerginė before World War II. It symbolises the rich history of Kačerginė.

In the artist‘s sensitive reproduction of the photograph, we see a group of friends. One of them is Judas Zupovičius, who was an active supporter of the underground ghetto resistance movement during World War II. The other is Hirsh Kadushin, a self-taught inventor, who with a homemade camera took more than a thousand photographs of life in the Kaunas ghetto.

Created on March 23, 2024
J. Janonio g. 2, 53446 Kačerginė, Lithuania
Hunted by Banilop.

Marker details

Camera usedXiaomi Redmi Note 7
Marker typeartwork