The theme for the event was a broad idea of “Global Community, Local Culture”.
Artists were encouraged to think of people envisioning solutions to global problems on the local level; as well as the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. 

 310 Squad – Moscow based project of artist Stepan Krasnov. HIs artist name 310 comes from the cyrillic letters «ЗЛО» which means evil. It was relevant when his work was a lot of bombing.
Street work “310” can be found in Russian cities, Kazakhstan, Germany, Spain, France, and the canvases are in private and public collections in the USA, Switzerland and Russia, including the Tretyakov gallery collections.

Now works of the 310 Squad have features of realism, interest in abstract art and of course pop art style.
In addition to the active drawing in the urban environment, 310 Squad creates installations, objects, paintings for gallery and museum exhibitions.

Created on February 6, 2023
C. Gallega de la Moneda, 1, 41007 Sevilla, España

Hunted by Kato. Pictures by larteurbano Xavi Suescum.

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