Equal Underneath Material

"I took this opportunity to paint one of my skulled persons. I do this, not to promote death or to be dark, but very much the opposite. Skulls to me represent the equality between all humans. A skull tells us you are human and nothing more. It doesn't show gender, skin colour, nationality or any ideologies or beliefs. Under this layer of material that devides us we are all the same and we are all part of this bigger thing called life. Secondly it can represent the short time we have here. If we had a better grasp of how easy a life can end, we might appreciate it more. So aspire to get in touch with who am underneath the layer of stories tell myself, to feel connection to what unites us all." shares Robin on his IG page
Created on August 24, 2022
Elzeelsesteenweg 136, 9600 Ronse, België
Hunted by Tim.
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