"Toucan Resort" Jahnstr. 6, Goch (Sporthotel De Poort) by @3.amomo, @cyos_one @semorthemadone, @grafffshit from Cologne were created as part of the Goch history meets Streetart Festival last year organized by Benjamin Taag and the Heimatverein Goch e.V. #ghmsfestival .
The participating artists were accommodated here during the festival and obviously they were very happy with the service, because they thanked them in a due way with this work!

The pieces are really mega and set new standards here, others have to measure themselves against it!
Toucans are powerful totems
The toucan stands for effective communication and personal intuition. Due to the colorful beak of the bird, it symbolizes that people can see you and not just hear you. And of course these artists want to be noticed
This bird can help you believe in yourself that you have the ability to influence others with the sound of your voice. 
Created on April 27, 2022Removed
Jahnstraße 6, 47574 Goch, Deutschland
Hunted by Stef.

Marker details

Camera usedPanasonic DMC-TZ31
Marker typeartwork