Deventer Eagle

Wall: Deventer Eagle
House: Gooierstraat 56 Wall: Avelostraat / Henry Dunantlaan
Artist: Dzia (Antwerp Belgium) - instagram.com/dzia/ - www.dzia.be

This mural’s story:  The bald eagle Harly has flown for years through ‘his’ Adelaarshorst (eagles’ nest), the football stadium of Go Ahead Eagles, the beloved football team that is deeply connected with this neighbourhood.  It’s no wonder that neighbourhood residents have a deep appreciation for eagles.  Many residents expressed interest in paying tribute to this powerful and intimidating bird of prey in one of the murals and seeing it portrayed in flight and in full glory.   Dzia translated those wishes into the mural Deventer Eagle, a gorgeous painting of the eagle on the hunt for prey in the bushes underneath the mural.  It’s an impressive ode to the neighbourhood and, of course, the “Eagles” located just down the road.  And, by the way, can you find the cookie monster cookie on this wall?

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More info about "Muren & Buren" (Walls & Neighbours): www.streetartstreets.nl

Making of video of all murals: https://youtu.be/F_s7u9_qph4
Created on January 26, 2023
Gooierstraat 56, 7416 XD Deventer, Nederland

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone 11
Marker typeartwork