2022 edition, Meeting of Styles painted the big walls again. Now you'll find 7 big walls (60m²) of different artists and different styles. From left to right you'll find the following artists

Nils Westergard (Richmond Virginia, USA)
Actually on the inside of the 'Zomerfabriek', so only visible when you enter, but you'll find a typical portrait of this artist.

EYESB (Brussels BE)
Patrick Croes (Brussels BE)
HRVB  (Berlin DE)
Angel Toren (Murcia ES)
Rise One (Antwerp, Belgium)
Dante Arcade (Barcelona, ES)
Kram  (Barcelona, ES)
Eltipo (Antwerp, Belgium)
Created on August 18, 2022Removed
Minkelersstraat 16, 2018 Antwerpen, België
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by Rise One, Dante Arcade, Kham, Skoun & Slomo, Eltipo, Eyes B & Patrick Croes, Angel Toren.

Marker details

Camera usedDJI FC7303
FestivalMeeting of Styles Belgium 2022
Date created2022-08-18T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork