Parallel Oval

Gorgeous work by Portuguese artist Pantonio for the 2022 Edition of the Barcarès Street Art Open air museum. 
I was lucky enough to exchange quiet a bit with my fellow countryman Antonio. On top of being a awesomely talented artist is always an approachable, generous and overall very nice human being. You can see it in his work but it's amazing it to confirm it in person.
Instagram: @pantonio.o
Created on May 20, 2022
Av. du Paquebot des Sables, 66420 Le Barcarès, France
Hunted by Movie Scientist.
Pictures by MovieScientist.

Marker details

Camera usedApple iPhone 11
Date created2022-05-20T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork
CityLe Barcarès