Collaboration artwork commissioned for Burwood Council and Burwood Chinatown. A mixed media piece including aerosol, house paint, screen printing and lighting. Winner of Australian Street Art Awards - Best Entrance Art.

The race is on. Who can save the last lion? Children worldwide are beginning to forget, joy fades along with the magic and wonder of the last lion. The last spotting of the majestic beast was in Burwood Chinatown Precinct after dark in 2021. Two children made accounts of witnessing a lion beast glowing, shimming, and playfully dancing on the corner of Railway Parade and Clarendon Place in Burwood.

Curiosity captured them as they took to the creature. Upon sighting the beast, it floated in an instance, beautiful and powerful, and before they could grasp it with all their might and sight – it vanished, never to be found again. Various accounts have emerged, including during a moon festival, a local chef claimed sightings of a similar glowing figure rustling through and helping itself to his pantry! Many accounts have reported a glowing figure wandering in mischief through the laneways of the Burwood Chinatown Precinct and Chinatown precincts worldwide.

Still, none to this day have yet to grasp its magnificence since 2021.

Commissioned by Burwood Council, in partnership with Burwood Chinatown, this artwork is a celebrate of the innocence of childhood, the mystery of Burwood after dark and forms part of the #RacismNotWelcome Burwood Campaign.

Created on November 18, 2021
38/40 Railway Parade, Burwood NSW 2134, Australia
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Pictures by Sophi Odling, Briggs Jourdan.

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Artist nationalityAustralia
Artwork styleRealism, Surrealism
Artwork subjectchildren
Date created2021-11-18T06:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork