Dancing with my eyes closed

This work was realized for the Biennale street art "Superwalls" (May-June 2023). 

The mural was inspired by 'F', who knew his life would fall apart soon due to a personal crisis but still lived life fully. 
I spent a happy moment with him, learning to find joy in difficult times and how to dance with my eyes closed. 
His peace of mind in this situation is an inspiration to everyone. Maybe you struggle with poverty or have a physical problem. But there will always be a way to enjoy life with your eyes closed. It's something of great importance to remember.

The mural was placed on INAIL, a company that protects the safety of workers but also supports them once an accident happens. 
"I am very happy and honored that my piece and its meaning meant so much to the people who, for instance, lost a hand because of an accident". 
Created on June 10, 2023
Via Nancy, 2, 35131 Padova PD, Italia
Hunted by Ilaria Perle d'arte.
Pictures by Ilaria Perle d'arte.

Marker details

Camera usedOPPO Reno6
Marker typeartwork