Serbian Athens

 Peek into Serbian Athens from the 19th century through the mural in Gimnazijska Street. The Serbian Athens mural shows Njegoševa Street more than a hundred years ago, which can be concluded based on the personalities depicted on the mural. There are drawings by Svetozar Miletić, Jovan Jovanović Zmaj and Đura Daničić standing in the foreground on the right, then a drawing by Kosta Trifković and Laza Kostić in the background and on the left side in the carriages the figures of Marija Trandafil and Milica Stojadinović Srpkina can be seen. On the mural, you can still see the house at Njegoševa 5, which once housed the "Bela Lađa" tavern, where many residents of Novi Sad often met. It is interesting that the term Serbian Athens was first mentioned by the craftsman Stevan Jelinić Ćebenda in the company of Svetozar Miletić and others, precisely in this tavern. At the top of the mural, the Coat of Arms of Novi Sad is drawn with the inscription "From Serbian Athens, to the European Capital of Culture", and the "Bute Dobri" citizens' association is signed as the author of this work.
Created on June 7, 2023
Гимназијска 2, Нови Сад 21000, Србија
Hunted by Sunčica.
Pictures by Vatovec.

Marker details

Camera usedHuawei EVR-AL00
Marker typeartwork
CountryNovi Sad