Il poeta in piazza

The poet Ignazio Buttitta and the painter Renato Guttuso. Two of the most representative figures of Bagheria culture are depicted together in this public work designed jointly by the artists Andrea Buglisi and Igor Scalisi Palminteri. Ignazio Buttitta with his gaze full of sunlight and Mediterranean projects the canvas where the master and friend Renato Guttuso will create his image inspired by the words of the poet and the colors of his land. Two minds illuminate the past that redesign the future of Bagheria. A dialogue of reciprocal stimuli and chromatic references makes this work a coherent whole despite the respective stylistic specificities of the two authors who conceived it. "The poet in the square" is the title of a collection of poems by Ignazio Buttitta published by Feltrinelli in 1974 and alludes to the fact that with this mural the poet once again finds himself enthroned in a square in his town and does so together with another a visual poet of the caliber of Renato Guttuso, in fact in this regard Buttitta said: "The painter is always a poet. If he's not a poet, he's not a painter.

Created on May 6, 2022
SP87, 90011 Bagheria PA, Italy
Hunted by Andrea Buglisi.

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Artist nationalityItaly
Date created2022-05-06T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork