The Constellation: RAM

WALL: The Zodiac Sign Ram
House: Gooierstraat 26  Mural on Tjoenerstraat
Artist: DOPIE-DSK (Arnhem) - instagram.com/dopie.dsk/

This mural’s story:  Neighbourhood residents expressed interest in seeing an animal or zodiac sign on one of the walls.  And what would be better than an impressive mural of a ram? The ram is the zodiac sign for courage, perseverance and ambition-an uncompromising animal that stands for challenge and adventure.  It’s also the sign of the artist Dopie and one of the house’s residents.  Everything has come together in this mural:  The Zodiac Sign: RAM.  The artwork adds a colourful touch to the colourful Sluiswijk neighbourhood and is a fitting ode to the soul of this neighbourhood.  For the observant viewers:  Dopie’s work alludes to a famous whole grain biscuit:  “Volkoren Sluis Biscuit.”  Can you spot the reference? 

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Making of video of all murals: https://youtu.be/F_s7u9_qph4
Created on September 19, 2022
Gooierstraat 26, 7416 XC Deventer, Nederland

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