Michał Bajor

The Musical Murals Route won the hearts not only of Opole residents, but also of music and art lovers from all over the country, who willingly photograph the murals and share them on social media. This year's work was created on the wall of a tenement house at 36 Oleska Street and depicts Michał Bajor from Opole, a singer and actor who grew up in the atmosphere of festivals and theater since childhood. The official unveiling with the artist's participation took place on June 1.

The idea of ​​the Musical Murals route refers to the tradition of Opole as the Capital of Polish Song and the work of outstanding musicians associated with the Opole festival. But not only. It is also a unique space for artists who have the opportunity to present their skills and various artistic styles and visions. This time, we invited Natalia Rak to the project - a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź and the author of numerous monumental murals, which she creates in various corners of the world. The artist is also involved in painting and design, and her works have been presented at many group exhibitions.

Michał Bajor himself took part in the unveiling of the mural and is pleased with the work. The artist played dozens of theater and film roles, and also performed many times at the Opole festival. During this year's KFPP, he will celebrate the 50th anniversary of his presence on stage, since his debut in Opole.

Created on June 6, 2024
Oleska 36, 46-020 Opole, Poland
Hunted by Teresa Radek.
Pictures by Teresa Radek; on instagram: @teresa_radek.

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