Progetto SPES 2023 - Il Seme, la Terra, la Luce

a.DNA for the project “SPES 2023 - the Seed, the Earth, the Light” included the creation of a new mural to update the 80s experience of Festival Internazionale Teatro Ragazzi directed by Carmine Battipede. In this way adding new stories for the inhabitants, helping them to do something strong against social and cultural decay in their context.

The Italian artist Oniro painted his wall side by side the restores of the C.U.R.A Group while their working on the restoration of Evelin Krumnau’s mural (1984). Oniro painted this new wall 39 years after the first mural in the same square.

Oniro tells about humanity in relation to the elements that it shapes or absorb its influence is inevitably. An artwork that embodies the sense of caring for what surrounds us: caring for places we live in order to care for ourselves. The artist drags us into his world to think together on what transcends human stories to became universal, freeing ourselves from the superfluous to follow the cyclical course of time while emancipating ourselves from it: from the Seed and the Earth to the LIGHT, and to the Seed again.

Around a wooden heart pulsating with sap, silhouettes of yellowed leaves rotate together with antropomorphic seed from which sprouts and green leaves emerge, in a spiral that refers to the temporal cycle of life and death: as the seasons alternate, so the elements of Nature. The figures are suspended in the universe and the central heart releases a light that reveals a human silhouette made up of contrasting colours. Full and empty spaces that outline the shoulders, head and two hands that support and protect the heart-shaped tree at the center of the entire composition.

Created on October 26, 2023
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 16, 84091 Battipaglia SA, Italië
Hunted by Tim.

Marker details

Date created2023-10-26T22:00:00.000Z
Organizationa.DNA collective
Marker typeartwork