Sunset Closure

Ostend has another temporary artwork and it has everything to do with the restoration of the old Iceland sailor Amandine.

Artist Eltipo has painted the entire wharf shed around the ship and it will be on display until November as an extra of the arts festival The Crystal Ship.

El Tipo has been busy for eight nights. During the day it was not possible to paint because the roadway just next to the construction site for the Amandine had to remain free. The street artwork on shrink plastic is temporary and full of references to a sunset on the beach. Sunset Closure from El Tipo is made with 340 aerosol cans and has yet to brighten up the entire yard until the end of November. 

"The color palette is based upon a late sunset by the sea right before nightfall. The artwork refers to the last glimpse of a satisfying holiday by the sea, with playful elements.
It’s a temporary artwork until the end of november, as the canvas protects the renovations of the Amandine ship that lies within the construction. "
Created on August 10, 2022Removed
Vindictivelaan 35Z, 8400 Oostende, België
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist Provided by the artist.

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