‘Spitting Feathers’

Collaboration with @aylo_nomad & The Butterfly Effected.

Painted in Flint Michigan

for @flintpublicart project.

We wanted to capture the frustration and pain of bottled-up emotions and the release/peace that can be achieved by opening up and expressing, sharing and talking through your problems. Drawing inspiration from the British saying

"spitting feathers" once known as a term for thirsty but in recent years adapted to mean frustration and anger.

The mural isn't only about venting, it's about standing up for what you believe, finding your voice and making a difference. Giving silenced voices the volume they deserve.

Talking about problems, fears and anxieties is therapeutic. It provides clarity, offers a fresh perspective, and most importantly reminds us that we are not alone in our battles.

The white dove in the mural is a symbol of peace, it also represents hope. It is a message to everyone that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that peace is attainable and that it is okay to seek help, to talk and to have a voice. It's a reminder to be more understanding, to listen without judgement, to inspire others, and to offer support to those in need.

Created on October 2, 2023
2401 Lapeer Rd, Flint, MI 48503, USA
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Marker details

FestivalFlint Public Art Project
Date created2023-10-02T23:00:00.000Z
Artwork stylefreehand spraypaint
Artist nationalityUK
Artwork subjectmental health
Buildingfactory external wall
Festival linkhttps://flintpublicartproject.com/
OrganizationThe Butterfly Effected
Marker typeartwork
CityAnn Arbor