“Vale, To be a rock!”

“Vale, To be a rock!” It is my tribute to Valentino Rossi in his Tavullia. Big and expressive eyes and golden locks like the eternal Peter Pan, Valentino also has the merit of having fascinated everyone in the world of motorcycling. Genius and madness, free spirit, instinct, naturalness and great communication are characteristics closer to a rock star than to an athlete. Valentino has filled circuits around the world with fans, just like a star fills stadiums at his concerts. A large face crossed by a yellow lightning bolt, a symbol of speed that winks at Andy Warhol, Chuck Close and Stanley Kubrick and recalls the great rebel icons of the youth counterculture. An inscription in the "Public Theater" style of New York recites the famous phrase contained in the song "Stairway to heaven" by Led Zeppelin: "To be a rock an not to roll" and betrays Valentino's rock 'n roll nature in a sporting discipline in which, ironically, it is always better not to roll over!
I thank Francesca Paolucci, Mayor of Tavullia, and WALLABE URBAN ART
Dulcis in fundo, I thank Valentino Rossi for having followed us with affection from the beginning to the end of the works! The painting is inspired by the shot by Max&Douglas

Andrea Buglisi

Created on April 4, 2023
Via Borgo S. Michele, 16, 61010 Tavullia PU, Italia
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