Crane and Pomegranat

My first personal mural in Georgia, I wanted to draw about Georgia, to leave my first impressions and symbolize them in a postage stamp. The pomegranate is the most vivid first impression of Georgia, and it symbolizes the juiciness of life here. And the second symbol is the crane - which I saw for the first time in the wild in Guria. It symbolizes the freedom with which the air in Georgia is saturated.
Thanks to the people of Kutaisi and the city for their friendliness and hospitality and to the entire Niko team for their support. 
Created on February 3, 2023
33 Lado Asatiani Street, Kutaisi 4600, Georgia
Hunted by Sandro Kvantaliani.
Pictures by Nick Paniashvili.

Marker details

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