The Plaza Lola Mora in Buenos Aires has become the last pilgrimage center for Maradon, the god of Argentine football. On October 30, thousands of people came there to celebrate Diego Maradona’s birthday and remember him two years after his death together with the largest portrait of him that exists. It was painted by the artist Martín Ron on the wall of a 12-story building, 40 meters wide and 45 meters high.

“Diego is strength, it is courage in the face of adversity,” describes Martín Ron (Caseros, 31 years old) in a talk with EL PAÍS at the foot of the mural. “He always challenged power and never understood limits. They may or may not want it, but something happens to everyone with Maradona and not everyone can achieve that. When Diego left, a piece of our childhood, of our history, also left, and remembering him with a tribute mural is too beautiful, ”he adds. 
 Ron worked with a team of seven people from seven in the morning to seven in the evening for a month to arrive on time for October 30th. About 800 liters of paint were needed. On Saturday, on the eve of the birthday, an end-of-work barbecue was held with Ron and Pedro Peña, creator of the La Carnicería, Niño Gordo, Chori and Paquito restaurants, among others. 
Created on October 29, 2022
Av. San Juan 1558, C1148AAQ CABA, Argentinië
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist.

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