Gray Heron: The Good Immigrant

This work by Mrfijodor created on the occasion of the second edition of Nichelino Lights Up Fest in Nichelino (TO) (for which we thank Fiodor Verzola, the Nichelino alderman, and Karim, artistic director). Mrfijodor continues a season full of new interventions with a work in the Piedmont region, home of the Ligurian artist for several years now.

And just "home" is the concept investigated by Mrfijodor for "Gray Heron: the good immigrant" - "Gray Heron: the good immigrant." The Gray Heron - in addition to being the symbolic migratory bird of the Turin area - is native to the more temperate regions of Europe and Africa and is the species of heron that travels the farthest north to the Arctic Circle.

A journey that Mrfijodor reinterprets in his work in a current and modern key: a lucid, articulate and tight composition of objects and "papers" that the modern migrant faces. A transparent critique of the condition of today's migrants who often experience uncomfortable and inhumane situations in order to reach what they one day hope to call "home," that which they-often for atrocious reasons, such as war-have been denied.

Not to mention the nature of our migratory bird, the subject of the work: an animal species that, like some situations experienced by migrants, is constantly threatened by the risk of capture, exploitation and extinction (due to climate change). Just as the human Gray Heron is forced to go the distance.

Created on May 21, 2022
Via 25 Aprile, 10042 Nichelino TO, Italië
Hunted by Tim.
Pictures by provided by the artist.

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