Hongi – The Breath of Life

In January 2019, some of the worlds best street artists transformed some grey city walls into colourful masterpieces as part of the Street Prints Manaia, International Art Festival. 15 incredible murals based on the theme “Tui ate muka Tangata – Weaving the Thread of Humanity”. 

"HONGI is the traditional Māori greeting in New Zealand. It is done by pressing one’s nose and forehead (at the same time) to another person at an encounter. During the hongi, the “ha”, or breath of life is exchanged and intermingled. The breath of life is also considered the sharing of both parties’ souls. Through the exchange of this physical greeting, one is no longer considered “manuhiri” visitor, but rather “tangata whenua, one of the people of the land." Millo.
Created on July 24, 2023
100 Cameron Street, Whangārei 0110, New Zealand
Hunted by Keren Harris.
Pictures by Keren Harris.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork
CountryNew Zealand