For this challenging Urban Art project on a house wall within the framework of the "40° festival 2013", "MAGIC" Oliver Räke has brought together a group of artists living in Düsseldorf, some of whom are world-renowned: the urban artists Dxtr The Weird, KJ263 and Roman Klonek And Max "Mexer" Fiedler. Oliver Räke's beginnings as an artist date back to the early eighties. Under the pseudonym "Magic", he was one of the first graffitisprayers in Germany and could quickly make a name for himself. The wall-painting is an argument and a new interpretation of the Bertrandresheim districts of Düsseldorf.

Created on January 1, 1970Removed
Suitbertusstraße 151, Düsseldorf, Allemagne
Hunted by Stef.

Marker details

Camera usedHTC Wildfire S A510e
Date created1970-01-01T00:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork