The Holyoker

Acrylic and Aerosol on brick and concrete. A large scale community mural created for the great people of Holyoke Massachusetts- a town mostly comprised of Puerto Rican and Irish habitants. The task was hard, since the weather wasn’t permitting access to the wall (it rained… almost everyday) but when there’s a will … there’s a way.

The town was tense, since they really wanted a community mural. Something that wasn’t neither Irish nor Puerto Rican, but all Holyoke. So naturally, I made a gorilla. A 70 foot tall gorilla. The town went crazy after the sketch (and not in a positive way) but I was very confident that by the end of it, it was going to be their favorite. Let me know your thoughts.

Those who know me and my art know that the gorilla represents the street art movement that is taking over the world: Postgraffism – Unstoppable. “What do you feed a ten ton gorilla? Whatever it wants.”

The gorilla arms represent the strength of the community, identical, yet each stand on their own.

From coquí, to old San Juan, to coconuts, jíbaro (farmer), salsa, plena, congas, food, tropical flowers and a depiction of paradise for “mi gente” (including Hector LaVoe – world famous Puerto Rican singer) this mural represents Holyoke and its spirit. Rough around the edges, loving, and large and in charge.

Beyond Walls

Created on March 3, 2024
230 Maple St, Holyoke, MA 01040, USA
Hunted by Philip Fagan.

Marker details

PhotographerExelbierd Productions
Camera usedDJI FC3582
OrganizationBeyond Walls
Marker typeartwork