Dados does it again in Guardo with this time a special portrait of Alex, the son of his friends. Dados is known for his climate themes, but this time for the Pispajos Urban Fest he wanted to do something special to raise awareness for the specific condition Alex suffers. Methylmalonic Acidemia is a rare, serious disease with no cure. It is the only case in Castilla y León and, as a consequence of this pathology, his body cannot break down certain proteins and fats, which causes an accumulation of methylmalonic acid in the blood.

"The boy's parents are friends and they asked me for help, to give a little visibility to both the disease and the ACIMET association, who helps them. Seeing everything they experience I thought my participation in Guardo and the fact I got full freedom I decided to act on it." says the artist.

Dadospuntocero wanted to emphasize the importance of research, something he translated in the concept with Álex holding a flask in his small hands.
"I wanted to highlight the need for research, because pharmaceutical companies produce new cures based on the profits they can make instead of saving lives. It is necessary to invest in research so that all these people with rare diseases, who are a very small number of the population, have the same right as anyone to have help and healthcare," he highlights.

What better way to raise awarenes as ending in our TOP 3 and qualifying for our 'best of 2023' awards in January.

Created on October 18, 2023
Av. Asturias, 9, 34880 Guardo, Palencia, Spain
Hunted by Tim.

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