Mural by Etam Cru for No Limit Street Art Borås 2014. More information about No Limit, here.
Etam Cru are “Sainer” and “Bezt” (Mateusz Gapski)

Born in 1988 in ¸ódê, Poland. A graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in ¸ódê. A freelancer balancing between murals, canvases and graphic designs and focusing mainly on illustrations and portraits. By portraying real objects and figures in untypical contexts, he invites the viewer to the world of imagination where the meanings are not strictly defined. The viewer is encouraged to walk into Sainer’s surreal story and continue it in his own, individual way.You can see his works on the streets of different countries like: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republik, France, Germany,Norway,Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, USA and of course Poland.

ETAM: “Double Trouble” Galeria BARAKA, Krakow,PoLANDGROUP SHOWS: “Die Neue Avantgarde” INTOXICATED DEMONS Gallery, Berlin, Monachium Germany
“Stroke 2” INTOXICATED DEMONS Gallery, Monachium, Germany
“Public Provocations II” CARHARTT Gallery, Weil am Rhein, Germany
“Stroke 3” INTOXICATED DEMONS Gallery, Berlin, GermanyWITH ROBERT PROCH: “Jazz in free times” OPENLAB Gallery, Genua, Italy2011:
ETAM: “Primaprilis” Sfinks, Sopot, PolandGROUP SHOWS: “Urban Art” Galeria Rempex , Warsaw, Poland
“Stroke Warmup” , INTOXICATED DEMONS Gallery, Lipsk,Germany
“Stroke 4” INTOXICATED DEMONS Gallery, Monachium, Germany
“Public Provocations III” CARHARTT Gallery, Weil am Rhein, Germany
“Stroke 5” INTOXICATED DEMONS Gallery, Berlin, Germany
“Come Inside” Soho Factory,Warsaw, Poland
“Street art vs Graffiti” Lipowa13 Gallery, Lublin, Poland
ETAM: “Mind Trip” Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, AustriaGROUP SHOWS: “Urban Art 2” Galeria Rempex , Warsaw, Poland
“Stroke 6” INTOXICATED DEMONS Gallery, Monachium, Germany
“Mind Trip” Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria
“4560 – Urban Art Show” Stadtgalerie Saarbr¸cken, Saarbr¸cken, Germany
“ARTUR-Exposicaon De Arte Urbana” LAC, Lagos, Portugal
“Unfrisierte Gedanken”,INTOXICATED DEMONS Gallery, Monachium, Germany
SOLO SHOW: “Neverland” Itinerrance Gallery, Paris , France
ETAM: “Not High Enough” Artifex Gallery, Antwerpen, Belgium
GROUP SHOW: “L’Avenir” Shooting Gallery, San Francisco, CA, United States

BEZT (Mateusz Gapski)
Born in 1987 in Turek Poland. He started doing graffiti around 1999/2000 year then after few years he form a group called Etam. From 2008/2009 connected with mural art continues to paint large murals till today. You can see his work all around the world. He is connecting oil and acrylic painting with painting murals, illustration and graffiti.
Few exhibitions that he participated in :
2009-“GNS” Wroclaw
2010- “Double Trouble” Baraka Gallery Cracow
2010- “DNA” Munich
2011-“Prima aprilis” Tuse Wystaw Gallery Sopot
2011 – First Polish Auction of Street Art at Remex Gallery Warsaw
2011- Stroke Urban Art Fair Berlin
2011- Stroke Urban Art Fair Munich
2012- Second Polish Auction of Street Art at Rempex Gallery Warsaw
2012 -“Public Provocation” in the Carhartt Gallery  Weil am Rhein
2012- “Mind Trip” Inoperable Vienna
2012- Stroke Urban Art Fair Berlin
2012-  Artaq contest- one of the winners
2013- “Not High Enough”  Artifex Gallery Antwerp
2013 -“Shoot to the Moon” Art Basel Miami
2014-“Pow Wow” Group Show Hawaii
2014-“ Major Minority” Group show San Francisco
2014-“Etaville” Wypieki Kultury Warsaw

More about Etam Cru: FacebookWebBlogspot
Created on August 9, 2017
Västgötagatan 7-9, 504 38 Borås, Sverige

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Camera usedCanon EOS 700D
Date created2017-08-09T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork