Chapter two - Evening Garden

Mural by Curiot for No Limit Street Art 2015. More information about No Limit, here.

Curiot is a visual artist currently working in Mexico City. Curiot creates vibrant mythical beasts blending human and animal forms, which allude to Mexican handcrafts and folk art. The works are highly detailed, rich in color, symbolist and mystic. Inspired from Pre-Hispanic cultures, nature and urban contemporaneity, the artist explores the relationship between man and nature.
He earned his B.F.A from the Universidad Michoacana de S.N. Hidalgo in 2008. His paintings have been exhibited in diverse solo and group venues including: Cirlcle Culture Gallery, Fecal Face, Thinkspace Gallery, Fifty24MX, BMW Museum, CCBorder, Scope Art Fair, Stroke, among others.

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Created on August 9, 2017
Lilla Brogatan 38, 503 35 Borås, Sverige

Marker details

Camera usedCanon EOS 400D DIGITAL
Date created2017-08-09T22:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork