Bond Truluv designed the approximately 150 square metre, three-part concrete façade of the Moisling Youth Leisure Centre at a busy intersection not far from the River Trave.

Bond Truluv, who was born and raised in Germany in 1983, began working with graffiti writing at the start of the millennium. Since then, he has been insatiably exploring new forms of letter composition and calligraphic expression, as well as various other disciplines of fine art and graphic design. His constant yearning for transformation and variation in terms of material and style is cultivated through extensive travelling.

As a multimedia artist, he experiments with different materials and techniques such as canvas, installations, video mapping and long-term photography. Recently focussing on new technologies, he was the first graffiti artist to incorporate augmented reality (AR) animations into his works to further push the boundaries of contemporary urban art, creating spectacularly vivid images that alter reality and dimensions within the works and the places where they are placed.

Created on December 31, 2023
Moislinger Berg 2, 23560 Lübeck, Germany
Hunted by Tim.

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