Between October and November 2022, Barcelona based artistic center B-Murals curated and produced Osona Artimur Festival, a never been done initiative of the Department of Tourism of Osona (an idyllic region up north BCN full of rivers, mountains and beautiful landscapes), in collaboration with the Catalan company Transit Projectes.

19 well renowned artists from the international muralism scene, the Spanish contemporary art world and some local guns selected through open calls and participatory processes, intervened the streets and the public space of 5 different villages - Prats de Lluçanès, Manlleu, Sant Julià de Vilatorta, Sant Bartomeu del Grau and Alpens -, supported by an extensive production team which included assistants, runners, photographers and filmers.
More info on https://osonaturisme.cat/artimur/ 

 Twee Muizen are Galician artists based in Barcelona for several years. With their illustrative and figurative style they work with a very defined and organic color palette. Within the framework of Osona ArtIMur, they have been selected through the open call for local artists in Prats de Lluçanès.

"Often in our works we represent our relationship with the natural environment and traditions, in this case the festa major and els Elois.
For this, we represent a girl playing with a horse, a very important animal in Prats, and a sheep, in relation to the pastoral culture of the area over the years.
The girl's attitude is very important, a festive and playful attitude with the animals, to represent in some way the awareness that we must have to preserve the natural environment and culture."
 Twee Muizen son artistas gallegos afincados en barcelona desde hace varios años. Con su estilo ilustrativo y figurativo trabajan una paleta de colores muy definida y orgánica. En el marco de Osona ArtIMur, han sido seleccionados a través de la convocatoria abierta para artistas locales en Prats de Lluçanès. 

“A menudo en nuestras obras representamos nuestra relación con el entorno natural y las tradiciones, en este caso la festa major y els Elois.
Para ello, representamos a una niña jugando con un caballo, animal muy importante en Prats, y una oveja, en relación a la cultura de pastoreo de la zona a lo largo de los años. 
Toma mucha importancia la actitud de la niña, actitud festiva y de juego con los animales, para representar de alguna forma la concienciación que debemos tener para preservar el medio natural y la cultura.” 
Created on November 4, 2022
Carrer Josep Cirera, 1, 08513 Prats de Lluçanès, Barcelona, Spanje

Hunted by Tim. Pictures by Fer Alcala.