Los Tres Muchachos

An adaptation of 'The Three Boys' occupies the facade of a building in the Murillo neighborhood as part of the events commemorating the 400th anniversary of the birth of the Sevillian painter Murillo. Graffiti based on the work of the painter of the same name, within the acts of the Year Murillo, which commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Sevillian artist. The graffiti, made by the artists Opas, Theo Magma and Bonim, and coordinated by the production company Microlibre through its artistic department Graffiti in Heaven, adapts the painting The Three Boys, one of Murillo's most important works. The work, the result of the Murillo Street Dress Initiative, aims to highlight the "essence" of the Sevillian painter and his ability to portray those most discouraging aspects of society and, even so, "transmit hope." In this way, graffiti shows three young people of different races sharing their art and culture through music.

!!!!! I have to add that it is a somewhat dangerous neighborhood in Seville, in which it can be dangerous to go sightseeing. !!!!
Created on January 24, 2023
C. Luis Ortiz Muñoz, 71, 41013 Sevilla, España
Hunted by Kato.

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