De Kiekeboes

To celebrate Merho's fiftieth anniversary as a comic book author, eight street artists tackled the concrete pillars at the Bib Park in Merksem with covers and characters from Kiekeboe. "Marcel and co are now back home, because I signed my first three Kiekeboe albums here in Merksem," says Merho, who has just finished his new 156th album Blauwblauw.
Created on September 26, 2020
Van Heybeeckstraat 28 A, 2170 Antwerpen, België
Hunted by Tony Gielen.
Pictures by Tony Gielen.

Marker details

Artist nationalityBelgium
Camera usedCanon EOS R10
Date created2020-09-26T22:00:00.000Z
PhotographerTony Gielen
OrganizationStreet Art Antwerp
Marker typeartwork