“Paloma de la Paz” (“Bird of peace”)

Miramar is a touristic city in Argentina, that in the last 10 years, street art has begun to have an enormous presence, changing not only the urban landscape, but also the territory, and therefore society itself.

The rise of street art began with the first International Art Biennial in 2013, and its sixth edition being completed in 2023. The different editions of the biennials have enriched the city with an enormous, varied and valuable heritage.

“Arte para la Paz, encuentro con la tierra” (“Art for Peace, encounter with earth”), was the slogan chosen for the 2nd edition of the BIAM, which took place from April 17 to 26, 2015. In this stage, 20 murals of various techniques and 7 sculptures were incorporated. for which materials such as steel, wood, iron, cement, among others, were used.

“Paloma de la Paz” (“Bird of peace”) is one of the works presented in this second edition of BIAM. It was created by Antonio Auriti Primavera from Miramar, Argentina.

Created on April 26, 2015
RP11 1950, Miramar, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hunted by TMiramar.
Pictures by BIAM Miramar.

Marker details

Camera usedOlympus SP-810UZ
Artist nationalityArgentina
Date created2015-04-26T03:00:00.000Z
Marker typeartwork