Unity in diversity

This beautiful wall in the Ypelaerpark at the Johan Cruyff Court in Tilburg is a painting with a powerful message: Sport connects and fraternizes. It represents Tilburg North in its diversity.

Young people from the neighborhood were closely involved in the design and creation of the mural. Their inspiration is the connection, fraternization and DNA of the neighborhood. Celebrating the power of creativity together and using it to transform the neighborhood into a place to be proud of.

Diversity is not only reflected in the images, but also in the choice of colours and symbols that bring different cultures together.

The recognisability of the designs is achieved through the realistic scene, although it is somewhat abstracted to create a broader connection. This abstraction ensures that every young person in the neighbourhood can identify with the mural, regardless of their background.

The colour palette provides a vibrant contrast and a striking visual impact. In addition, the postcodes of the neighbourhood can be seen on both sides, which adds an extra layer of local recognition and pride. The whole radiates the dynamic and proud atmosphere. By bringing these elements together, a bridge is built between young and old and a connection is made between different cultures within the community. This creates a sense of unity and pride, and emphasises the importance of inclusivity and community feeling. The design reflects the diversity of the neighbourhood and strengthens the bond between the residents of the neighbourhood.

This community art project is a collaboration between Kings of Colors, WonenBreburg and Connect2Jeugd Tilburg.

Created on June 2, 2024
Dirigentenlaan 1, 5049 EA Tilburg, Netherlands
Hunted by Rian Nijssen.
Pictures by Rian Nijssen ( @riannijssen ).

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