The Crystal Ship 2022

Based on a house backyard in St.Roch (New Orleans, LA), a neighbourhood in which the Kathrina can still be noticed even after more than a decade an half. Houses were rebuilt but many places, families and souls struggle with poverty. Even in this specific background the image can be interpreted as a universal reality common to all: a day-to-day scene in a residential neighborhood in which a young man reincarnates the mundane, the temporary and the changeable as opossed of a more rigid and bounded reality that we take for granted and that is susceptible to change at any time in a matter of seconds. The line between what remains the same and what changes fades as we delve into more absolute and universal values.

RIP Jaune. Overpainted by Inigo Sesma
Created on April 14, 2022
Werkzaamheidstraat 91, 8400 Oostende, België
Hunted by Stefaan Tanghe.
Pictures by Stefaan Tanghe :https://www.instagram.com/ostendnomadography/.

Marker details

Marker typeartwork