Music & Murals: the hero and the jerk

De held en de lul (The hero and the jerk) 
The second painting for Music & Murals was made in collaboration with Racoon, based on the song “De held en de lul”. The song is about a friendship between two different people. When one of them dies, it turns out that the differences between them may contain more similarities than previously thought. The mural can be found on the back of Podium 't Beest, where Racoon originated and which still forms a home base for the band.
Created on July 17, 2021
Brouwersgang 1, 4461 CP Goes, Netherlands
Hunted by Tim Marschang.

Marker details

Date created2021-07-17T22:00:00.000Z
Camera usedOnePlus IN2023
Marker typeartwork